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Some of you started school last week and some of you will start this upcoming week. For those who already started, how was the first day of school?

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Let's take a Selfie

Hello this is my third short storyboard.

 Tatsumaki: Why did you call me for?
Saitama: Nothing... I just wanted to talk to you... you know...

 Tatsumaki: Talk to me about what?
Saitama: But first, can we take a picture together?

Tatsumaki: HUUUH?! Why would I take a picture with you?

Saitama: Why not? I think you're pretty cute.

Tatsumaki: A-As if I'll believe you..

Saitama: Does it look like I'm lying to you? 

Tatsumaki: Hmmmpp! ... I-I guess just one shot would be fine.

Excuse me Miss, can you take a picture of us together?

Alice: Ok Sure! ... 3...2...1 Smile!

Tatsumaki: (don't blush... don't blush! >///<)

PS: Everything is just a made up story (please do not take it personally) ^^v.